Wales' International Theatre Training Academy & School

Character Breakdown

Applicants are to learn the songs required for their chosen character and will be sent spoken audition sides to prepare ahead of the audition.

Oliver Twist
A workhouse boy. 
Gender: Male
Age: 8 to 13

Audition Songs to prepare:
Where is Love
& Who Will Buy (Oliver solo section)

The Artful Dodger
Fagin's brightest pupil - an undersized 16. 
Gender: Male
Age: 13 to 18

Audition Songs to prepare: Consider Yourself & I'd Do Anything

An elderly receiver - runs training academy for young pickpockets. 
Gender: Male

Audition Song to prepare: Reviewing the Situation

Bill Sikes
A villian in his prime. 
Gender: Male

Audition Song to prepare: My Name


A graduate of Fagin's academy, and Bill's doxy. 
Gender: Female
Age: 17 to 25


Audition Song to prepare: As Long as He Needs Me


A teenage lass in Fagin's establishment - idolises Nancy. 
Age: 14 to 18
Teen - Adult 

Audition Song to prepare: It's a Fine Life

Mr. Bumble

A large and pompous Beadle of the workhouse. 
Gender: Male

Audition Song to prepare: Boy for Sale

Mrs. Corney
A sharp-tongued, domineering widow - the Workhouse Mistress. 
Gender: Female

Audition Song to prepare: I Shall Scream

Mr. Brownlow

An old gentleman of wealth and breeding. 
Gender: Male

Non singing role. Audition will be spoken text only.

Mr. Sowerberry 

The Undertaker.
Gender: Male

Audition Song to prepare: That's Your Funeral

Mrs. Sowerberry
Mr. Sowerberry's wife and his overseer.
Gender: Female

Audition Song to prepare: That's Your Funeral

The following roles will be cast from the ensemble, so attend the appropriate ensemble audition workshop to be considered:

The Sowerberry's young daughter. 
Gender: Female
Age: 16 to 25

Noah Claypole

Mr. Sowerberry's apprentice. 
Gender: Male
Age: 16 to 25

Mr. Grimwig

A Doctor. 
Gender: Male

Mrs. Bedwin

The Brownlow's Housekeeper. 
Gender: Female

Old Sally

A Pauper. 
Gender: Female

Charley Bates

A boy in Fagin's establishment. 
Gender: Male
Age: 10 to 18

Child Ensemble

Workhouse boys, workhouse assistants, bow streetrunners, street vendors and crowd, etc. 
Gender: Any

Adult Ensemble
Street Vendors, Dancers, Crowd, General Ensemble. 

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All applicants must be able to commit to the rehearsal schedule and performance dates:

Rehearsal Commitment:
April 28th - July 21st 2019
Sundays anytime between 5pm and 7.30pm.

8 - 18 August - Intensive Rehearsals (Child cast in mornings) Full cast afternoons/ evenings. We work around people in full time work.

20 Aug (Evening at Theatre)
21 Aug Tech
22 Aug Dress
23 - 25 Aug Performances

This is an amateur production created with a professional creative team.

Director & Choreographer: Christian Bullen

Musical Director:
Christopher Fossey