Wales' International Theatre Training Academy & School

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose SITM®?

Q: What will my child learn?
A: Students are taught performing arts as an integrated discipline.  They participate in dance, voice and acting training to the highest standard with trained coaches.

Q: Why should my child join SITM®?
A: If you wish for your child to develop self-confidence, discipline, empathy, speaking-skills, exemplary performance technique, life-skills, social-skills, drive, creativity, focus and more, then SITM® is for you. Students are given the attention they deserve to build a successful future, whatever they wish to be.

​Q: What makes SITM® training a good choice for my child?
​A: Our academy expects the highest efforts from staff and students alike. We care about every student as an individual and recognise that each person is on their own journey. We are constantly evolving, have key industry links and offer a fun and supportive atmosphere for all. Academy Principal Christian has developed his training concept over ten years and he will not settle for anything other than excellence.

Q: What opportunities will there be for my child?
​A: As well as a focused and detailed training, we also provide our students with exciting performance opportunities. We fully believe that students need a balance between technical training and the ‘on-the job’ experience of performing. There are also additional classes available and SITM® management for those students who wish to build a performance career.

SITM® Class Information

Q: Can I stay with my child during the class?
A: Parents are asked not to stay in the class to help students build self-dependence and focus.

Q: Can I try classes before committing to a term?
A: Yes, we offer a four-week trial for all of our courses so that students can try out an SITM® class.

​Q: How long is a term at SITM®?
A: There are 3 terms per year and each term is approximately 10-13 weeks, depending on school holidays and academy projects.

Q: Do you have classes during the holidays?
A: We usually have one weekend off for half term, and are closed over Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays (excluding our Summer Academy).

​Q: What age do you take children from?
​A: We have courses for students age 3+.

Q: What days are your UK classes held on?
A: We have classes in Barry on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Penarth classes are held on Saturdays and Pontypool classes are held on Fridays.

Q: Where are your UK classes held?
​A: We currently have classes in Barry, Penarth and Pontypool.

Q: How much are classes?
A: Classes start from £78 (BabyStars®) to £162 (RisingStars/MTP) per term.  Please see specific course page for exact prices.

Q: What does my child need to wear?
​A: We have an official uniform of black SITM® t-shirt, black SITM® hoodie or plain black hoodie, black leggings/jogging bottoms, black daps/jazz shoes and black socks. You can buy uniform here .

Q: What if my child cannot attend a class?
A: We ask that parents send a text to 07960 229454 or an email to if your child will be absent from a class.